About Us

Cathodic DiecastingCathodic Diecasting has been manufacturing anodes since 1984. Since that time we have established ourselves as Australia's leading galvanic anode maufacturer. We manufacture anodes for the following industries: 

  • oil and gas
  • ports
  • wharves
  • mining
  • construction
  • defence
  • shipping
  • infrastructure
  • pipelines
  • tanks
  • commercial fishing
  • yachts
  • pleasure craft
  • hot water services
  • cooling towers 

The Rust Seeker™ reference electrode was developed to provide a simple and cost effective method for vessel owners to check whether their anodes and hull coating offered sufficient protection against corrosion. It was also developed to allow vessel owners to check for stray current.

For more information about Cathodic Diecasting, please visit www.cathodicanodes.com.au